Piotr Bejnar is a producer, live-performer, DJ, soundman, owner of Otake Records and definitely one of the most eccentric figures of the Polish clubbing scene. At 16 years old, roughly the time of his first club debut, he was fascinated by the mathematical distribution of music. As a live performer, he experiments with various innovative techniques, presenting a generous spectrum of sounds, making Piotr’s live-acts a truly unique experience. It is a live improvisation to which Bejnar invites the audience to quite literally generate sounds together with him.

The idea of playing among the crowd came up accidently. The story goes back to a gig where Bejnar had no space to place his MIDI controller and had to play with it in his hands. Since that night his friends and fans bestowed him with the title of the “Modern Talking” DJ, “Wizard from Korgland” and “Unstoppable Korg Rider”.

The idea has evolved and Piotr continues to change his approach to live sets right up to the party. Sometimes he minimalizes his set-up, holds his sampler in his hands and dances with people on the dance floor. On the bigger events he mostly develops his set-up and focuses on the sound, but no one can predict what will be Bejnar’s next surprise. Often Bejnar continues to play live-acts from his iPhone to control his MIDI remotely, allowing Piotr to enjoy the sound with the audience. This kind of interaction helps build a unique atmosphere, blurring the borders between the artist and the crowd.

The tipping point in Bejnar’s career was in 2006, when his brilliant way of performing started to become popular in Poland. Two years later Piotr released his first EP “Ty Jesteś Melodyman” (“You Are the Melodyman”) for Canadian record label Open Concept Recordings. In 2010 he created a year-round voice-over season schedule for TVP Kultura and released his second EP “Faces in Water”, which closed his cooperation with Open Concept. A year later, after a common gig with Dapayk, he joined Mo’s Ferry Production label, where his “Janusz EP” was released. Afterwards, Piotr and Jacek Tworkowski produced an album for Night Drive; “2 Stupid Gods” and in 2012, a second record for Mo’s Ferry titled “Cracow Fight” was released. Piotr went on to release a number of remixes, including one for Dapayk & Padberg.

In 2014 Piotr opened his record label Otake Records ( releasing his debut single, “She’s Crazy”. In 2016, Piotr who got used to shock the audience with the extraordinary format of his live acts, decided to use 3D printing and special technologies to involve listeners in the process of creating music. So the unique musical project Stay True Heartbeats was born.

At first, Piotr used his own heartbeat as the main musical rhythm. Then he wrote down the palpitations of his friends. After a successful experience, the track information reflected on how to make sure that during the performances  the heartbeat of listeners was transmitted on his laptop. WHATCH THE VIDEO HERE > 

For two years of existence of the label, Piotr managed to release 10 releases with artists from Poland, Belarus, Germany, Ireland. In may 2017 Piotr came back with his first full LP which is called “Album”, where
six of the twelve tracks involve a featured artist (the most recognizable voice in Poland – Krystyna Czubówna; singers Baasch and Weronika Dziedzic, guitarist Kasp and violinist Angelina Nartowska).
Anyone who has seen Piotr at least one time will definitely agree that he is an exceptional figure in the electronic music scene. Piotr is also a lover of jazz and snooker.

Piotr Bejnar
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